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This is the place to browse and apply for all off-campus study programs at Hope College. Explore more than 300 off-campus programs available to Hope students in countries around the world.

  1. Choose a program
  2. Click “apply”.
  3. Enter your Hope College user name and password (email login without ""; password)
  4. Choose the term for which you would like to apply (fall, spring, academic year, May, June, etc.)
  5. Please complete only one (1) application for each term. If you've already started an application and 
  6. want to apply to a different program, please contact the Fried Center for Global Engagement at: 

All application materials, including transcripts, essays, recommendations, questionnaires, materials, etc. will be collected within this system.

Hope College Off-Campus Study
"Studying abroad for a semester in France completely changed my life. The best advice before I went was to take the time abroad to follow for once, rather than to try to lead. In doing so, you are completely able to put yourself aside, put yourself in someone else's worldview, way of life, language, and culture, and be forever transformed by learning from those that are different from you."
Susan Haigh - Studied in France
"My experience in Jordan was one of the most amazing experiences of my lifetime."
Ben Foss - Studied in Jordan