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Welcome to Hope College Travel!

Your one-stop shop for heading out into the world under the banner of Hope


Off-Campus Study

Explore more than 300 off-campus programs available to Hope students in countries around the world!

If you've never applied before, you'll also need to fill out the Prospect Inquiry Form.


Travel Registry

Attending a conference? Traveling for work? Going somewhere with SAC? Headed to an away game with your team? This is the place to start!

Car/Van Rentals
Faculty Travel Authorization Form


Short-Term Missions

All students are welcome to apply for Campus Ministries Immersion Trips. SEED Programs are for student athletes.


Incoming International Students

We're glad to have you at Hope! Here's how to begin the immigration process.


Hope College Off-Campus Study

"Studying abroad for a semester in France completely changed my life. The best advice before I went was to take the time abroad to follow for once, rather than to try to lead. In doing so, you are completely able to put yourself aside, put yourself in someone else's worldview, way of life, language, and culture, and be forever transformed by learning from those that are different from you."
Susan Haigh - Studied in France
"My experience in Jordan was one of the most amazing experiences of my lifetime."
Ben Foss - Studied in Jordan